I saw a lady at Fort Dobbs who was spinning chickens, had a monster pot of soup hanging from a tripod, was roasting a ham and baking bread all at the same time over an open fire. After watching her intently for hours and saw how she managed it all with such cheerful grace and kept up conversations in the bargain, I asked her how she learned to cook like that. She told me that the only way to learn to cook in camp is just to cook and don’t worry about burning things. She said she had to burn a lot of food to learn how to cook in the 18th century way. I took that lesson home with me and started burning a lot of food and my hands as well.

This page , which is part of the Washington County Regiment‘s blogsite, is the premier cooking spot of the Watauga Valley and beyond ;o). Every month there will be a new period reciept or a non-period recipe if it sounds really good. If you have a favorite recipe, send it to Molly Spyder ( cut2chase@gmail.com ) and I will be sure to put it in for the edification (and victual protection) of  all.

Molly Burning Something


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