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Chad Bogart, Jason and J.C. savoring my delicious APPLE DUMPLINGS.

Every month I try to make something special for the members of the militia and the last thing that curled their toes was APPLE DUMPLINGS. Hannah Glasse, my go-to gal, had a lovely receipt that I adapted just a little. I guess one could say I made it “another way”. She writes:

“Make a good paste, pare some large apples, cut them in quarters and take out the cores very nicely. take a pievce of crust and roll it round enough for one apple. If they be big, they will not look pretty, so roll the crust round each apple, and make them round like a ball, with a little flour in your hand; have a pot of water boiling, take a clean cloth, dip it in the water and shake flour over it. Tie each dumpling by itself, and put them in the water boiling, which keep boiling all the time; and if your crust is light and good and the apples not too large, half an hour will boil them; but if your apples be large, they will take about an hour’s boiling. When they are enough, take them up and lay them in a dish; throw fine sugar all over them and send them to table. Have good fresh butter melted in a cup and fine beaten sugar in a saucer.”

That was a good start so I made a sweet paste of 2 cups sifted flour, 1/4 cp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup softened butter and the same of lard, 1 egg and milk enough to moisten . I peeled and cored 6 smallish gala apples, rubbed them down with brown sugar and butter and stuffed them with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, raisins and nuts. I wrapped each one in paste just like Hannah said. Instead of boiling them, however, i baked them in a dutch oven for about 45 minutes and OH MY GOD! they were Beautiful!!! The crown was making a sauce of sugar, port and butter and pouring it over each serving. LIP MAKING GOOD!!!