Hannah Glasse’s Pork Pie with minor tweaks: TOUCHDOWN!

Harvest Celebration was this weekend past and all I can say is WOW! The food was totally delicious and incredibly varied, from bar – b-qued bear ribs to bread pudding with rum sauce, the regiment cooks outdid themselves!  More about that later. If you read the last post, you read about Hannah Glasse’s Pork Pie. The photo shows what it looked like  and all I can say is that if the dinner was a football game, this would have been the winning touchdown! There were no leftovers!

I did some minor tweaks to it which I thought I’d tell you about.For one thing, I used a hot water crust so it would be sturdier and would withstand the weight of the pie and the liquid. Instead of using pure lard, I used half lard, half butter.  I also cut the pork into inch or so chunks and ground about a third of it. I also included about 8 oz of lean bacon instead of the butter for added taste. Herbs included a tablespoon of finely minced sage and a half  tsp of mace and half tsp of all spice besides the nutmeg. I also mixed finely sliced onion which I sprinkled with sugar and let sit for a while in with the apples.

I think the secret to the tenderness of the meat was that I marinated it in a local white wine and 2 garlic cloves for 24 hours. After doing a little research, I realized that the liquid would actually bind the meat as well as steam it in the coffin so I used the white wine and pigs feet (salt, pepper, celery and carrots) and made an aspic. When the pie had finished baking, I added what turned out to be a cup of the gelatine.

It’s a little  labor intensive but so very delicious and will definitely be one to make again next year.