Stephen Block, well respected culinary historian and chef  send me some18th-19th century recipes  for this blogsite and one of the things he sent me was a link to a Medieval  cooking site.


On this page there was a picture of a 17th century lady selling bratwurst on a split bun. In this leg of summer, it’s nice to think people before enjoyed a good hot dog just as much as we do right now. Pass the mustard and kraut!

On his Kitchen Project site, Stephen gives some wonderful tips on how to do brats on a grille (for example, soak them in beer before you grill). Definitely check this out and all his recipes. The histories are well worth reading but make sure you do it on a full stomach.

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Here, a decent sausage is roasted for not much money, with which hunger can be appeased but not thirst.

This (thirst) can be appeased later as much as someone wants in a place where wine and beer is sold.

[translation courtesy of Emilio Szabo, via the SCA-Cooks mailing list]