You really want a piece of ME???

I found this picture on the internet and it made me laugh so after I brined my 12 pounder, I set it up just like this for my brother and sister to see when they came over. I thought my brother was going to have heart failure- never saw him laugh so hard.

From a century after our time, I thought you might enjoy and hope everyone had a terrific holiday.

Prairie Farmer, Dec. 16, 1865
Pg. 433
Household Matters.
To the Thanksgiving Turkey

Fowl to all other fowls preferred—
Except, perhaps, our public bird
Of mighty beak and ponderous wing—
Thee with a watering mouth I sing!
Birds of two meats—the brown and white—
Which like the dual Niles unite
And in a single body run
Of tints diverse, in substance one—
Hail to thy bosom broad and puffed!
Plump as a maiden’s cotton-stuffed.
Hail to thy drum sticks, dainties fine,
That served as “devils” seem divine,
(And mind us of bad Frankish men
Browed to good purpose in Cayenne.)
Hail to thy sidebones’– rich morceaux—
And thy ecclesiastic nose
Which to the laws of order blind,
Nature has queerly placed behind.
Yet scoffers vow they witness see
In nose of bishop following thee,
And hint that ever on a priest
The organ points towards savory feast,
And as the shark astern, at sea
Tracks the doomed ship, still follows thee!
Methinks I see a dish borne in
O’er canopied with shining tin:
From `neath that dome a vapor rare
Curls through the hospitable air.
Presto! Up goes the burnished lid,
And lo, the bird its concave hid!
I see thee, browned from crest to tail,
Bird of two meats, all hail ! all hail !
Through thy round breast, the keen steel glides,
Rich juices irrigates thy sides—
“Dressing.” To give the slices zest,
Rolls from thy deep protuberant chest;
Then tunneling in search of `cates,”
The spoon thy “innards” excavates,
And forth, as from a darksome mine,
Bring treasures for which gods might pine.
Bird of the Banquet! what to thee
Are all the birds of melody?
Thy “merry-thought” far more I love
Than merriest music of the grove.
And in thy “gobble,” deep and clear,
The gourmand’s shibboleth I hear!
Of all earth’s dainties there is none
Like thee, to thank the Lord upon,
And so receive my votive lay
Thou king-bird of Thanksgiving Day!
–Round Table.

If  I see another turkey again, it will be too soon!!!