In my never ending looking for good food recipes, I found a terrific site which lists all kinds of things that go back to the Middle Ages.     and  Check them both out. The food of the 18th century didn’t exist in a vacuum and to see how food evolved, one almost has to go backwards in time. I made one of the recipes- Galettes of Chickpeas (darned, I love chickpeas!) and found it GOOD- more like hummas than anything- serfved with good homemade bread!

Galettes of chickpeas

from Civera Fracta, Liber de Coquina (end of 13th or beginning
of 14th century).

Ingredients (1 tsp = 1 teaspoon)
For 6 people
150 g Dried
chickpeas (370 g cooked)
90 g 1 Onion (peeled)
7 filaments Saffron (soaked
in a little water)
35 g parmesan cheese
1 egg (beaten)
2 tablespoon
olive oil
Salt, pepper.

Cooking time for chickpeas = 20 mn
Baking time in
oven = 15 mn

Cook chickpeas in water (20 min in a pressure cooker with soda of
bicarbonate). Drain. Reserve a little cooking water. Blend the chickpeas. Mix
this puree with the beaten egg and soaked saffron, then the grated parmesan,
salt and pepper.

Sweat finely chopped onions in olive oil. Mix the puree with the
onions and blend again to obtain a paste that is neither thin nor too thick (if
necessary, thin with a little water used to cook the chickpeas).

Put the puree on a well-oiled oven dish (rectangle of 2 cm thick).
Bake in hot oven (mark 7) for 15 min. Cut into slices. Serve lukewarm.