Dear Colonial Cooking Friends,
I was watching the cooking channel and watched the history of cakes and cupcakes.  They said that cupcakes first showed up in late 1700s cookbooks.  I plan on doing some research on that.  I want to start a Cooking Guild for the 18th and 19th Century.  It has been something I have wanted to do for several years now since Suzanne (from Exchange Place) first talked to me about one some years ago.  I would like for it to be home centered at Exchange Place but we would hold cooking meetings at other historic sites such as Rocky Mount, Sycamore Shoals, Davy Crockett, that wanted to participate.  This would give us various mediums to practise at such as different fireplaces, outdoor ovens ….  You ladies are some that do a lot of historic cooking.  Would you be interested in something like this?