Burn’s Night has come  and gone and frankly, I’m up for a little Bushnells, Jamison or Guinness. St. Valentine’s Day doens’t count as a reenactor cultural culinary show and tell so I’m concentrating on Ibernia and England (OK, Richard and Gail, weight in here!).  Last year I did a count down, making food from Ireland and now I’m armed with a fantastic website that Chad sent  http://www.irishabroad.com/Culture/Kitchen/Recipes.aspand

I also added it to the links over to the side. I’ve also got Colman Andrew’s book, The Country Cooking of Ireland, so I’m all set. If I do what I did last year and make Irish food every third day,  I’m going to end up looking like a leprechaun .

Leprechaun by Richard Svensson