Porky dripping over a Yorkshire Pudding

There is a wonderful historic food site which I go back to over and over because  Ivan Day’s   artistry  and presentation is overwhelming. It’s as close as we’ll ever get to seeing what that gentry actually ate and how the food was made and presented.


 I’ve often thought I would love to go to his classes (in England- oh YEAH!!!) , cook in his period kitchen and be a food taster and sample all of the beautiful things being made.  Thing is, though,  some things from some of these ancient  receipts  would positively revolt me if I had to know before hand what I was about to sample. There’s a picture on this page of a sucking pig on the spit under which is a luscious looking Yorkshire pud. For me, I don’t want to know about how to gouge out bone marrow, stuff a gut (other than my own, that is)  or think that ambergris is in my sausage. I don’t want to see Porky’s face staring at me, apple in the mouth and all. I want to be like Henry VIII; just slice me a crunchy  bit, slam a piece of  the pudding on my plate  and leave me in blissful ignorance.