Corned Venison Steaks

I tried the recipe I posted using 3 venison steaks rather than beef and cooked the venison steaks this past weekend at the Carter MAnsion Celebration.

I wouldn’t be honest if I told you I had every confidence that this meat wouldn’t kill me when I ate it. After all, having meat pickling with spices in the fridge for 10 days is something none of us exactly do. With that being said, however, I can tell you that when I simmered the steaks in the dutch oven with potatoes, the smell was savory and the flavor was unstintingly wonderous. I didn’t use salt peter ; coudn’t find it  locally and frankly, didn’t need it.
I would unswervingly recommend this recipe. Doing your own corned meat is so much better than any corned brisket you’ll buy in the store.