Susan McLellan's Tarte of Spinaige

I love the BITES OF FOOD  HISTORY blog site and Susan McLellan always has interesting things or receipts. She posted one concerning Spinach Pie. I made it and if you love fresh spinach, you will love this. I diddled with the original receipt and added my own stuff .

I reprinted the original receipt that Susan said was  found in the manuscript copy of Gulielma Penn, the first wife of William Penn.  These receipts were copied by William Blackfan in 1702 for the son of William Penn, another William to bring with him to this country.  This receipt is titled Too Make a tart of spinaige and reads:

  Take a good Dele of spinaige and boyle it in water and a Littell salt, and when it is boyled well Drain out the water very Clene, take the yeolks of eggs and Creme strain them with the spinaige through a strainer, and seson it with suger, put too it a slise of butter.

I made a spinach pie and here’s how I made it.

I made enough pie crust dough for the bottom of the tart and a top. When I made the pie crust dough, I added fresh chopped dill to the dough. While I refrigerated it, I made the filling.

1bag fresh spinach, de-stemmed and cleaned and finely chopped. While it was in the colander, I mixed it with a few good pinches of sea salt and let it sit and drain.

1 onion, finely diced

3 eggs well scrambled with a healthy splash of cream (maybe about 1/2 cup)

1/2 tsp fresh grated nutmeg

salt and pepper to taste (healthy grind of pepper!)

Line a 9 inch  pie  pan with crust. Mix the spinach and the rest of the ingredients together in a bowl. If you like cheese, you can  crumble some feta (or in my case a good Stilton because feta cheese hates me) into the mixture. Pour the mixture into the pie  and dot generously with butter.   Roll the rest of the pie dough for the lid. Before you  put the pie dough over the top , brush an egg wash over the edge of the crust to make the edges stick better. Lid the pie, use the egg wash to brush over the top and vent it with a fork.

Bake the pie (or tart if you only use the one crust) at 375 for about 45 minutes , or until the crust is golden. YUM!!!!