I didn’t know that Jefferson was the father of macaroni served with a cheese sauce until last night when I was watching the Food Channel. Jefferson, the founding father of mac and cheese also brought vanilla ice cream to our shores. Here’s his recipe for vanilla ice cream in his own writing (from the Library of Congress archives):

Jefferson's receipt for vnilla ice cream

 There also survives a pasta recipe in his own hand. Makes sense when one finds out he reinvented the pasta machine.

6 eggs. yolks & whites.
2 wine glasses of milk
2 tb of flour
a [?] salt
work them together without water, and very well.
roll it then with a roller to a paper thickness
cut it into small peices which roll again with the hand into long slips, & then cut them to a proper length.
put them into warm water a quarter of an hour.
drain them.
dress them as maccaroni.
but if they are intended for soups they are to be put in the soup & not into warm water