Rhubarb Fool with a few pomegranate seeds for dressing

 Rhubarb cooked any way, shape or form is very popular on both sides of the pond. Instead of making strawberry and rhubarb pie, give this a try. Delicious!

6-8 plump sticks of rhubarb
4oz/ 25g/ 1/2cup sugar
small knob of butter
250ml/ 1/2pt/ 1 cup whipping cream


Chop the rhubarb into approx 1 inch chunks (2.5 cm) and place in a pan with the sugar and water. Stew for 15 – 20 minutes, stirring at intervals, until it has fallen apart. Allow to cool.

Whip the cream until thick.

Fold the cooled rhubarb into the cream. Serve with some pomegranate sprinkled on top, if using.
serves 4