19th Century Hot Sauce


 There’s been a lot of discussion on Savory Faire, the Yahoo 18th Century cooking group, about hot sauces that were made in the 18th century. So many of our memebers love things spicy, I thought it was work reproducing one of the receipts. Over to the side, I linked to an excellent source for 18th century cooking,French style, and she has a recipe for period hot sauce and marinade. Check it out.

Vinegar Chili

This is commonly made with the foreign bird pepper; but you will obtain a
much finer flavor from infusing fifty fresh English Chilies (cut in half, or
pounded) in a pint of the best vinegar (cider vinegar) for a fortnight, or a quarter of an
ounce of cayenne pepper. Many people cannot eat fish without the addition of
an acid and cayenne pepper; to such palates this will be an agreeable

Mrs. NKM Lee, A Boston Housekeeper

There are other references to the same recipe in the  Tradecards of the 18th century . Check this FABULOUS site out for  more explanations.