More delicious than chocolate (REALLY!)

Those of you who know me know that I’m an avid foodie. If I’m not burning food, it’s my apron or fingers that get scorched. Each month, I’ll post a Receipt that sounds intriguing. I’m hoping that you send me suggestions or receipts; if not, I’ll find a good one for us to try. After Old Christmas, I started daydreaming about Richard Ellis’s Home made mince pie in the little coffins. Oh Lord, I’m here to tell you that that man has earned his place in HEAVEN just on account of those little pies and making this indentured servant so HAPPY while she was gobbling them up! Richard, do you have an unmarried brother who cooks like you do?

 Here’s Hannah Glasse’s Receipt “To Make Mince Pies the Best Way” from The Art of Cookery, London, 1774

“Take three Pounds of Suet, shred very fine, and chopped as small as possible, two Pounds of Raisins, stoned and chopped as fine as possible, two pounds of currants, nicely picked , washed, rubbed and dried at the fire, half a hundred of fine pippins, pared, cored and chopped small, half a pound of fine sugar, pounded fine, a quarter of an ounce of Mace, a quarter of an ounce of Cloves, two large Nutmegs; All beat fine , put all together into a great pan, and mix it well together with a half pint of Brandy, and a half pint of Sack; put it down close in a stone-pot, and it will keep good for months. When you make your pies, take a little dish, something bigger than a soup plate , lay a very think crust all over it, lay a thin layer of meat, and then a thin layer of Citron cut very fine, then a layer of Mince meat, and a thin layer of Orange peel cut thin, over that a little meat, squeeze half the juice of a fine Seville Orange or Lemon and pour three spoonfuls of red wine; lay on your crust and bake it nicely. If you choose meat in your pies, parboil a Neat’s Tongue, peel it and chop the meat as fine as possible and mix it with the rest; or two Pounds of the inside of a Serloin of Beef boiled.” Molly burning something during Old Christmas (Pic courtesy of Richard Ellis) Check out these wonderful Blog spots about my favorite Christmas (and all year round) pie: